DFI Presentation - January 29, 2008
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Karl Dane Evening at the DFI

The Karl Dane Retrospective at the Danish Film Institute on the evening of Tuesday, January 29, 2008, was a great success, attracting approximately 80 people to the talk and screening of two of his films. Among this number were many family members of Karl Dane, including his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great nephews. Other attendees of note included Jakob Stegelmann, Producer for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and Karsten Fledelius, Senior Lecturer at Copenhagen University at the Department of Media, Cognition & Communication.

The evening began at 7:00 pm, introduced by Rasmus Brendstrup, the Program Coordinator for the Cinemateket at the DFI, who did an outstanding job organizing the event and ensuring that it received excellent publicity. He even went on a live radio show the previous day to discuss Karl Dane and the event.

Laura's talk about Karl's life and career followed, which was interspersed with clips from his films, such as My Four Years in Germany (1918), The Wolves of Kultur (1918), Son of The Sheik (1926), The Trail of '98 (1927), Navy Blues (1929), and The Whispering Shadow (1933).

Following a brief question and answer session, we had a 45-minute reception to allow everyone to mingle and have a glass of wine. A screening of two wonderful films followed, A Put Up Job (1931), with Karl and George K Arthur, in which the boys try their hand at putting up prefabricated houses, with disastrous results, and then The Scarlet Letter (1926), based on the Nathaniel Hawthorne classic, with the great Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, and Karl. The latter film included wonderful live piano accompaniment by Ronen Thalmay, which greatly enhanced the event.

Much thanks to Dan Nissen, the DFI Museum and Cinemateket Director, for providing this wonderful opportunity!

Genealogist Hugh Watkins (left) with Per Schøler Gottlieb (right), Karl Dane's great-nephew.
Laura delivering her talk on Tuesday evening, January 29
Laura delivering her talk
Laura with Jørn Gottlieb, one of Karl's great-nephews.
Lars Ølgaard, Librarian at the DFI (left), and Jakob Stegelmann (right), Producer at Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and host of the TV shows "Troldspejlet" and "Planet X".
Laura with Bent Harsmann, Karl's grandson (right), and his own son, Bjarne (left).
Pianist Ronen Thalmay (left) and Rasmus Brendstrup, Program Director, Cinemateket (right).
Christian Hansen, Research Librarian at the DFI.
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