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14 April 1860
Karl's father, Rasmus Carl Marius Gottlieb, a glovemaker with his own business (handskmager), is born in Horsens, Denmark.He was the son of Rasmus Therkelsen, a dyer, and Jensine Christine Gottlieb, his cousin.

14 August 1857
Karl's mother, Anne Cathrine Simonsen, born in Aarhus, Hasle, Denmark. She was the daughter of Simon Simonsen, a haulage contractor, and Johanne Rasmusdatter.

12 April 1884
Karl's parents are married in Aarhus.

6 March 1885
Karl's elder brother, Reinald Marius Gottlieb, is born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

12 October 1886
Karl Dane born Rasmus Carl Therkelsen Gottlieb in at Turesensgade 23, central Copenhagen.

10 April 1887
Karl is baptized at Skt Johannes Kirke in Copenhagen

21 December 1888
Another son, Viggo Eiler Gottlieb, was born in Copenhagen.

09 December 1891
Younger brother Viggo dies at the Frederiks Hospital of a cancer to his upper jaw at just under 3 years of age.

ca 1892-1903
Karl's father, Rasmus Marius, designed and built a toy theater, which was so elaborate that people bought tickets to see it. Karl and Reinald performed during these shows.

Karl and his brother Reinald are apprenticed as machinists at Smith, Mygind, & Huttemeier, manufacturers of railroad equipment.

23 October 1903
Anna files for separation from Rasmus Marius. She gets custody of Karl, still a minor.

4 June 1907
Karl starts his compulsory military service in First Artillery Battalion

2 June 1908
Karl is promoted to Lance Corporal

4 Oct 1909
Karl is discharged from military service

10 Sept 1910
Karl married Carla Dagmar Hagen, a dressmaker (born 1 November 1886)

4 March 1911
Karl and Carla's son, Ejlert Carl, is born

31 July 1912
Daughter Ingeborg Helene is born

6 August 1914
With the outbreak of WWI, although Denmark is a neutral country, Karl is back in his old unit, now called the Coastal Artillery, to defend Danish shores

31 July - 1 August 1915
Karl participates in the motorcycle race, the Danish Motor Grand Prix, from Copenhagen to Skagen and back again

1 November 1915
Karl promoted to Corporal

December 1915
Karl discharged from military

25 January 1916
Karl sails for New York on ship Oskar II with $25 in his pocket and no English language skills

11 February 1916
Karl arrives in New York and settles in Brooklyn at 345 Court Street with friend Charles Lindgren. He gets a job in a Brooklyn foundry the same day.

ca 1916-1917
Karl travels west to Lincoln Nebraska. He works for a time in the Dee Eiche Firestone station as a car mechanic.

June 1917
Karl is back in NY, and now living at 430 Clermont Avenue in Brooklyn and working as a machinist at the Robert Gair Company on Washington Street. He makes $3 per week.

Appears in first film at Vitagraph Studios in Fort Lee, NJ, for $3 per day, but he is cut out of the final film

Appears in "My Four Years in Germany" with Warner Brothers as Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg

March 1918
Release of "My Four Years in Germany"

Appears in Pathe's "The Wolves of Kultur" with Charles Hutchison

Appears in "To Hell with the Kaiser"again as Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg

early 1921
Karl meets Swedish immigrant Helen Benson, quits films, and together they move to California and open a chicken farm in Van Nuys

15 June 1921
Karl marries Helen Benson, Swedish immigrant, in Hollywood

9 August 1923
Helen dies in childbirth in Van Nuys along with their baby girl

August-December 1923
Karl meets Charles Hutchison on the street and Hutchison persuades him to re-enter films and appear in a serial he is producing

8 March 1924
Karl married Emma Awilda Peabody Sawyer, a supervisor for the phone company

30 September 1924
Emma and Karl separate

Nov-Dec 1924
King Vidor is casting for the film "The Big Parade." Robert McIntyre, Casting Director at MGM, who in 1917 gave Karl his first job at Vitagraph, suggests Karl for the part of Slim

19 Nov 1925
"The Big Parade" has twin New York premieres at the Astor and Capitol theaters. It runs at the Astor for 96 weeks and grosses $1.5 million there, and approx. $15 million overall.

20 January 1926
"The Big Parade" opens at the World Cinema in Copenhagen. Karl's 15-year old daughter Ingeborg, who has not seen her father since she was 3 years old, recognizes him on the screen from family pictures. Brother Reinald also sees the film and writes him a letter in Hollywood. Karl answers and the family is back in contact with him for the first time in almost 11 years.

May 1926
Emma brings suit against Karl for support

5 June 1926
Karl signs MGM contract

Karl appears in the film "Bardelys the Magnificent." George K Arthur is in the cast, and Harry Rapf pairs the two up in the comedy duo, Dane & Arthur

May 1927
First Dane & Arthur MGM feature, "Rookies" opens. It is a smash hit.

11 June 1927
Karl signs long-term MGM contract

April 1928
Karl breaks his shoulder in a stunt gone wrong on the set of one of his films. This results in a case of bronchial pneumonia that puts Karl in the hospital in serious condition.

June 1928
Karl falls for Russian dancer/actress, Thais Valdemar, and they move in to Karl's Beverly Hills home. They say they are married but are not.

11 November 1928
Thais moves out of Beverly Hills home

10 December 1928
Thais files Breach of Promise suit against Karl for $75,000, but the case is ultimately dropped in early 1929.

"China Bound" the last Dane & Arthur MGM comedy, opens

Karl loses MGM contract. He says later that due to a nervous breakdown he was forced to leave MGM and take a rest.

December 1930 to Mid-1931
Paramount sends Dane & Arthur on a 23-week Publix Theatre vaudeville tour p>
27 November 1931
Karl forms a mining corporation "Avelina Mines, Inc" in Las Vegas with several frineds and associated. This venture is unsuccessful.

February 1932
Karl begins a solo comedy vaudeville act at the Loew's Orpheum in Boston, but it is panned by critics.

December 1932
Karl appears in his last film, the Mascot series "The Whispering Shadow,"with Bela Lugosi

July-September 1933
Karl spends 3 months driving up and down the west coast hoping to find a good mining deal. He loses a large sum of money to an unscrupulous partner.

September 1933-April 1934
Karl buys a partnership in a hot dog stand that is situated outside the studio gates, but this venture fails when his business is shunned by his former friends. Karl then unsuccessfully tries to find work at MGM, his former studio, as an extra or carpenter, but is turned down.

14 April 1934
Karl commits suicide Saturday evening in his apartment at 626 South Burnside Avenue in Los Angeles.

18 April 1934
Karl's funeral and burial at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
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