Karl Dane - "Speedway"
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Speedway (1929)

Speedway was a comedy centered around the race-car world, and was shot partially on location at the Indianapolis Speedway. It was directed by Harry Beaumont, and featured cameos from famous racers of the day, like Leon Duray.
Karl is Dugan, who together with Bill Whipple (William Haines) work as crew members to a famous, but aging and ailing race car driver, Jim MacDonald (Ernest Torrence).
Dugan and Bill eye oily archrival Renny (John Miljan), who deliberately ran into Mac's car in a previous race.
Karl pulls a face as Dugan. Did you know that Karl was actually a well-rated auto racer in his native Denmark before he immigrated to the USA?
Dugan sadly confronts Bill, who is being wooed away to Renny's rival team. Bill tries to put on a carefree face, but he feels guilty about betraying Mac, who has been like a father to him.
Even after losing Bill to Renny's team, Mac and Dugan are still thrilled to find out that he broke a speed record. Karl must have been thrilled to finally work with Ernest Torrence, who was one of his idols in the years before he became famous.
The big race day. Having lost Bill, Mac (Torrence) is forced to have Dugan (Karl) drive for him, due to his own increasingly serious heart condition. However, it is apparent that they still really need Bill's expertise.
Mac ends up finishing and winning the race, to the jubilation of the crowd. However, moments later, he will collapse with a heart attack.
Thankfully, Mac recovers, and Bill re-joins the team, having discovered what a rat Renny really is. Bill even wins over Renny's girl, the lovely aviatrix Pat Manning (played by Anita Page), as Mac and Dugan look on approvingly.
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